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Lucky M Farm is a small family farm on 25 rolling acres in middle Georgia. We have been raising quality all-around Paint and Quarter Horses for over 20 years and meat goats almost that long. We specialize in 'the All-Round ranch bred' Quarter and Paint horse with strict emphasis on good temperament, versatility, and conformation.  Recently we added Shetlands. Along with a small herd of hardy Boer & Boer cross meat goats.
  Although you will see pretty faces and big butts we do not breed for horses that are halter specialists.  You will see pretty faces because good minds are usually found behind good shaped heads, large eyes, and flat foreheads; those are the trade marks of a good horse.  Big butts also come with the territory, a ranch horse must be able to stop hard and turn fast, whether it be to cut a cow, turn a barrel, or get out of the way. 
Everything in between is also built for function.

I have been studying bloodlines and raising Quarter and Paint horses for nearly 30 years
Our Quarter and Paint horses are from the best all-around bloodlines in the industry with good temperaments. If you don't see a bloodline in our horses its because its not a user friendly horse of ranch type.
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Following in my love to drive a fancy, high stepping, eye catching equine. I have begun to raise modern type Shetlands and Show ponies for fine harness driving. Then in quest to find the best ponies the for modern type I found that the old style American Shetland was getting lost. So, being the historian that I am. I decided to try to keep a small pure band of Foundation Shetlands. Now don't think of them as your grandma's short legged, hairy, ornery, little ponies.  On the contrary, these are still balanced, refined individuals they are just more muscled and wider than the fine harness type. Just compare them as the difference between a good working Quarter horse and then a light saddle breed like a Morgan, Thoroughbred or Saddlebred. You can see the contrast on my pony pages. AND, turns out the Foundation Shetlands make great crosses on Quarter horses to make Quarter ponies. Several of our stallions have been approved as outcross stallions for the IQPA International Quarter Pony Association. Look for IQPA approved on their section.

Ponies are a great way for kids to get into horses on a level that they can reach. Full size horses are most of the time to tall for young kids to saddle and unsaddle by themselves. Ponies are also great for those on smaller acreage and those with disabilities.
The Foundation Shetlands have a very similar temperament to that of a Quarter horse; calm, smart, and willing. The more Modern type Shetlands are more energetic and have more go; like an Appendix bred Quarter horse and sometimes like an Arabian. They also step much higher like a Hackney to varying degrees.

For classifications of Shetlands go to

Please view my Mentors page here and my reference ponies page here.


My love of ranch life and cowboy ways would lend me to raising cattle but with limited land and help I opted for a somewhat different approach; goat ranching. We have been breeding select meat goats for over 16 years. It is no accident that we have excellent animals. We do not take breeding lightly. Our goats are selected for size, correctness, muscle mass, longevity, and temperament.
It is common that we have does in our heard over 12 years old and still producing twins.I have been raising and improving my herd of commercial meat goats since 1995. By researching types of goats and efficiency I bought my first full blooded Boer goat in 1997. The rest is history.
I have developed my own type of meat goat that grows on forage and a few added supplements when range conditions get poor. I have shown my goats with success but showing is not the true measure of a goats ability to be a productive producer of meat on forage. I no longer show. I just enter performance tests when available. 
Mission: Our horses may not be Heroes in the arena but heroes in their owner's heart.

We are horse people- you don't have to understand us!
We know that all external medicine is either waterproof, blue or yellow.
We have no problem eating a sandwich directly after mucking stalls.
We know, why a thermometer has to have a string attached to the end.
We are not welcome in Laundromats.
We don't think anything sexual if someone talks about chains, whips or leather.
We can raise our voice instantly by 5 octaves to shout at a horse pawing at the floor.
We would sooner quit a relationship than our hobby.
We talk to our car to make it up the hill.
We have better insurance for our horse than our car.
We know more about our horses diet than our own.
We buy grain and hay before buying our own food.
We have less to wear than our horse.
Its common to see us wearing barn clothes in public.
And we know that mucking a stable is the best cure for depression.


Farm Manager:  - Michele Johnson -  Cochran, GA 31014
email:   (478)217-0002   Leave message or call evenings

Remember we are a farm so if you cannot get me by calling please feel free to text, and I will call you back as soon as I can.

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 Lucky M Farm is a small farm located in Cochran, Georgia that raises 'the All-Round ranch bred' Quarter and Paint horse with strict emphasis on good temperament, versatility, and conformation.
 Recently we added Shetlands. Along with a small herd of hardy Boer & Boer cross meat goats.